Winter Wreath- 50cm


Available at various locations during our outdoor pop-up markets or for delivery.

Inspired by the lush outdoors, our wreaths include cedar, juniper, eucalyptus, dried grasses, magnolia leaves, eucalyptus. A mix of beautiful textures and foliage, along with a ribbon and a special something that will make your wreath unique.

You can choose to add additional items at the pop-up. There will be different winter greens available for by the stem, while quantities last.


Nov 27 - Melanie X Victoria - 578 ave. Victoria - 11h-16h
Nov 28 - Café MRKT - 838 Mont Royal E. - 13h-18h
Dec 3 - Melanie X Zoé - 1068 ave. Laurier E. - 11h-16h
Dec 4 + 5 - Melanie X Grace - 6155 Monkland - 11h-16h

Dec 10  - 

If you would like to reuse your wreath base from last year, you would wish to buy ingredients to make your own wreath, or have any other special requests please email us at

Caroline Boyce

In my view, flowers are a passing pleasure that uplifts the heart; it’s no wonder that artists have been admiring them for centuries. When I work with flowers, my intention is to create the mood and visuals of a timeless memory, even if the moment only lasts for one day.

Growing up in Germany, my fondest memories were with my grandmother in her ‘secret garden’. She was the first person who inspired me to pick flowers from her garden and decorate the kitchen table with them. Since then, it has become a passion of mine.

I created the business Floralia by joining all my favourite things together; my background in visual arts, and my experience working on organic farms.

It’s a pleasure for me to get to know my clients; my goal is to create personalized designs that truly mirror what they are looking for in essence and to create a look that is uniquely theirs.

The farm

Loyal to the earth, Floralia respects the land by choosing organic, sustainable methods of cultivation that preserve and encourage the health of the soil, the plants, and the ecosystem. For us it’s also about respecting the people who work on the land, by promoting agriculture that does not expose growers to pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. Locally grown organic flowers are the ultimate eco-friendly way to enjoy your bouquets.

During rare periods when flower production at our farm is less abundant, and to offer flowers during the off-season, Floralia also buys flowers from other farmers. Buying local is our priority. When this is not available, we purchase from certified ‘’Fair Trade’’ farms and pesticide-free greenhouses, or we seek to buy flowers produced in countries that maintain standards regarding pesticide use and workers rights. This is an ethical choice- we do this to ensure our flowers come from socially and environmentally credible farms.

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