Sweet plant of Venus, Love's delightful flow'r

- Orphic hymn to Adonis

In honour of the celebrations of love featured in February, be it one of self-love, romantic love or any other, I decided to feature a very romantic, yet perhaps surprising flower, one with profound symbols supporting the power of love: the anemone. 

These ‘daughters of the wind’ from the Renunculae family are disarmingly simple, eye-catching and memorable, and bear a terribly romantic backstory.

According to Greek mythology, Aphrodite (Venus) had chosen a human, Adonis, as a lover. The pair, however, was star-crossed: a jealous or vengeful deity (varying sources name Ares, Artemis or Apollo)  sent a boar to gore Adonis. The goddess, mourning her fallen lover, began to cry. The tears she shed fell upon Adonis’ blood and, as the legend goes, from them anemones bloomed.

The anemone’s striking and romantic look, with its inky, blue-black centre and silky petals, is sensual and original. They symbolise love, devotion, renewed hope, and protection.